Movie Iconography and Why It Is Important

Avengers PosterThe modern box office is run by opening weekends. If you blockbuster fails to make enough money in that time, they are often dropped by their studio and so the film flops. According to Box Office Mojo, presently the Biggest American Opening Weekends Box Offices (not adjusted for inflation) are:

  1. The Avengers
  2. Iron Man 3
  3. Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 2
  4. The Dark Knight Rises
  5. The Dark Knight
  6. The Hunger Games
  7. Spider-Man 3
  8. The Twilight Saga: New Moon
  9. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2
  10. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

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Piracy of Thrones

Game of Thrones Poster

Thanks to my girlfriend I’m a late convert to the TV series Game of Thrones. We are watching it together and are about half way through the second. With this in mind I’ve been recently looking to buy series 3, that has recently finished its run on Sky Atlantic, so we can start watching it straight after series 2.

Today, the news I had been dreading was confirmed by Den of Geek, series 3 won’t be realised till at least February 2014 in the USA. They go on to say that if the DVD release pattern follows previous years we won’t see the box set in the UK till March 2014. That is over eight months away. Now while this is very annoying on a personal level, I also believe it is a bad business decision.

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Man of Steel Begins

This poster includes SPOILERS for Man of Steel and Batman Begins.

Last week I saw Man of Steel and while I enjoyed it, it got me thinking about superhero origins stories and remakes. Remakes I’ll get onto in my next post so today I’m focusing on the former.

The standard way of introducing a superhero in modern day cinema is through his origin story (they are almost all male as well!) and most of them suffer from the same problem, the bad guy. The film takes so much time explaining how our hero got his powers and why he has now started using them, the bad guy is only introduced when the hero needs to be tested. This can often make a film feel like a football match and have two distinct halves rather than a complete whole.

Man of Steel Poster

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Night Sessions in Linlithgow

Night Sessions

This post was originally published on my Blogger Account on the 5th of March 2010. This post has been edited before it was published today.

Finally this post includes very limited SPOILERS for The Night Sessions by Ken MacLeod
This time last week I finished The Night Sessions by Ken MacLeod – a futuristic thriller set in Edinburgh and New Zealand. It was a fun read with lots of very interesting ideas about robots and religion. Sadly none of them were fully explored in my view.

However, that is not what I want to talk about today. I want to talk about the location of the final scenes in the book. This is the dramatic conclusion where our heroes – The Lothian and Borders police – send a civilian, undercover, into a meeting of bad guys which is happening in Linlithgow. Yes that small sleepy commuter down about 30 minutes outside of Edinburgh.

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Hello World!

Welcome to The World of The Red Fleece!

The blog is written by Stephen Shirres and so is filled with his random thoughts and ideas about the cultural world. When I’m not wondering about stuff, I write TV reviews for the website Culture Jam, short stories and I am presently the chair of West Lothian Writers.

My blog posts will fit into seven categories:

  • Another Serving of TV Jam – These are posts are designed to follow on from my posts in TV Jam.
  • Ghosts of Blogs Past – this isn’t my first blog and so I’ve rescued some of my better articles from previous attempts. They will be edited before being republished.
  • Going To The Movies – my thoughts and opinions on all things film, from the latest blockbusters to 1930s horror movies and beyond.
  • News – like this very post, this category will be used for any news in my lift such as articles being posted else where.
  • Telly Talk – want to know my thoughts on TV check out this category. Warning, there will be a lot of Doctor Who!
  • Trailer Talk – my thoughts on TV and Movie Trailers both old and new.
  • What I’ve Read – the book stream that will be updated whenever I finish reading something that is worth blogging about – so not often!

These categories will probably be added to over the years as this blog, hopefully, takes off and becomes big. For now I hope you enjoy your time here!