The Night of the Doctor Minisode

Yesterday the BBC released a minisode prequel to the upcoming Doctor Who 50th Anniversary. If you wish to avoid the best part of the minisode being spoiled I’d go and watch it now! (Sadly I had the reveal ruined for me on Twitter by io9) Honestly you won’t regret it!

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Black and White Night – Author’s Notes

Black and White Night - Author's Notes

Front cover of Issue 3 of [Untitled]

I am quite surprised I am writing this Author’s Note. Black and White Night started off as a writing experiment after being inspired by a number of different sources, however, after I came across [Untitled] magazine call for submissions on the theme of Black and White, what could be better to submit. Luckily [Untitled] accepted my story and it can now be found in issue three of the magazine.

Below the break you’ll find out what the two stories and the one place in Edinburgh that inspired my story are.

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