Ranking the 2015 Summer Blockbusters

This year I managed to see all the summer blockbusters that roared into our multiplexes. Considering some of the reaction I got from opinions on Facebook and Twitter, I thought it would be fun to rank them in order of worst to best. However, I’ve a few disclaimers to make first.


  1. By my reckoning there has been eight blockbusters this year which are all included below. After checking io9 and Den of Geek the only two other possible options would be Fast and Furious 7, which came out in the spring, and San Andreas that no remembers.
  2. These are just my opinions and while I’ll defend them in the comments they aren’t the definitive answer or anything like it.
  3. With point 2 in mind, it is important to note that film at the bottom of this list is far from the worse film ever made while the film at the top of this list is far from the best

With that in mind let’s start:

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