Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Alternative Trailers

This week saw the release of the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer and I wanted to write a post about it but I didn’t know what. It didn’t give me that burst of childhood glee that the first trailer did, although I love it, and I didn’t think that people wanted another trailer breakdown article of which thousands have already been written. Then Twitter came to the rescue with a couple of tweets from One Perfect Shot and SFX Magazine in that order. Find out what they were below the break.

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Jack of Nonsense

Jack of NonsenseYesterday I again entered into the Flash! Friday comp, this time with a story inspired by the latest Star Wars trailer!  The prompt from Flash! Friday was Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland themed with the two of the following story elements required in the entry:

  • Conflict: man v society; man v man; man v logic (not gender specific, and I made that last one up Just Because)
  • Character (choose at least one): a curious girl; a violent, capricious ruler; an odd cat; an extremely ugly and angry duchess; a rude host; a man on trial for minor theft.
  • Theme (choose one): childhood, nonsense, logic, justice, nature, death
  • Setting (choose one): Victorian England, a dream world

I picked the story elements: a violent capricious ruler; nonsense and logic. I hope you enjoy the tale below.

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Campfire Stories – Author’s Notes

Campfire Stories - Author's NotesIn many ways Campfire Stories, my first entry into the Cracked Flash Fiction Competition, wasn’t a great success despite it coming first runner-up and I’m not just took talking about my rule breaking.

Why It Didn’t Work

The story suffers from one of my usual flash fiction problems is that my story is too big for my word limit. As Mariah Burkett pointed out in her feedback

“Mainly what I felt was lacking: emotion. It (the story) feels disconnected from the characters”

Beyond Toby and Sandra no other character was named or had any personality. In fact the reader has no idea how many folk are listening to Sandra or whether they are even human to be honest.

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Red For Oscar – Author’s Notes

Red For Oscar - Author's NotesRule one of entering any kind of writing competition is follow the rules. I failed in this when I entered my first story Campfire Stories into the Cracked Flash Fiction Competition. The following week I followed all the rules and guess what I won with my tale Red for Oscar. Below the break you’ll find out what inspired the story.

Before we get to that a quick reminder that prompt was

How many times do I have to be shot before you are happy?

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Red For Oscar

Red For OscarMy second entry to the Cracked Flash Fiction Competition was a story called Red for Oscar. The challenge was similar to the same time but without any pictures! I had up to 300 words to write a story with the opening line

How many times do I have to get shot before you’re happy?

The difference between this entry and my first entry Campfire Stories is that I won. You can read the winning entry below the break!

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Campfire Stories

Campfire StoriesFor the first time ever last Saturday I entered the Cracked Flash Fiction Competition. The challenge was to write-up to 300 words inspired by the prompt below and the photo to the right:

“Don’t worry; you won’t remember by morning.”

Despite breaking the second rule of the competition (do’h) my story Campfire Stories still managed to come First-Runner Up! (yeah). You can it below the break!

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