The Big Bad Wolf

The Big Bad WolfFor the first time in a while I entered Cracked Flash Fiction weekly contest with my story The Big Bad Wolf. Like every week the opening line prompt was the line:

This is incredibly disturbing to me.

As you’ll notice below the break I did change the prompt a little bit but Cracked Flash Fiction were quite happy with the change. You can find out more about that and other information about the story in my Author’s Notes post coming later this week.

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The New World – Author’s Notes

The New World - Author's NotesLast Friday I entered Microcosms for the fourth time with my tale The New World. For the first time I used the three prompt words they got from the spinner. They were:

  • Character: fairy
  • Setting: ocean
  • Genre: mystery

With these three words I created this:

The New World

The New World

You’ll be able to find out more about my story and how I got on below the break!

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Honeytrap Apples – Author’s Notes

Honeytrap ApplesI entered my third Microcosms tale of flash fiction last week with my 108 word tale Honeytrap Apples. As always with Microcosms I had to use the three prompt to craft my story and as usual I got mine from their spinner as their suggested were quite hard – their words not mine! The three I got were:

  • Character: Gardener
  • Setting: Orchard
  • Genre: Horror

Using the prompts above I came up with this:

Honeytrap Apples

Honeytrap Apples - Author's Notes

Find out how my story got on, and what my favourite part of the tale is below the break!

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Anywhere Else – Author’s Notes

Anywhere Else - Author's NotesLast Friday I entered Microcosms 9 with my flash fiction tale Anywhere Else. Thanks to the Microcosms spinner the three-story elements I had to work with were

  • Character – Servant Girl
  • Setting – Castle
  • Genre – Steampunk
  • Of course these three elements point to an alternative version of the Cinderella story with brass chimney. You can see the story below and find how I did after the break.

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