2018 Superbowl Trailers

Last night was the L!! Super Bowl and the best bit about the event – for me anyway – is the glut of trailers released during the half time break. This year I wanted to highlight the five trailers I felt were the most important or interesting. They will all be posted below in a you tube format with a brief bit of discussion for each and there is only one place I can start:

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Due out in just over 3 months this is the first bit of footage we’ve seen from the troubled film and this trailer is a bit…well meh to be honest. A fuller trailer is due later today so maybe it’ll create more excitement but at the moment Solo is not looking good. I want my Star Wars films to be more than meh!

Westworld Season Two

The only TV series on this list but arguably as big as any of the movies – well maybe apart from one – this mysterious trailer is everything I love about the show. I can’t wait for it to return after being off the air for a year now. Personally I think Westworld is better than Game of Thrones!

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

If Westworld was mysterious than the 5th Jurassic World film is confusing – and hopefully in a good way. The first trailer seemed to clearly point Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom in a clear, if not obvious, direction. This new trailer adds all sorts of odd things to the mix, including a young girl being hunted in her bedroom by a dinosaur! It’ll certainly be an interesting watch for sure.

Mission Impossible: Fallout

The last two Mission Impossible films have been what you want from a franchise movie – entertaining in a very enjoyable way. Mission Impossible Fallout looks to continue this trend with wonderfully over the top stunts – and in places dialogue. At worst it’ll be a very enjoyable night at the cinema.

And finally, where else could we finish but what will be this year’s biggest film:

Avengers: Infinity War

While I’m getting bored of the Marvel formula, you can’t deny that Marvel know how to put a trailer together – as well as write very entertaining characters. If they can pull off what they seem to be promising – lots of thrilling action with character deaths – then Avengers Infinity War will be a land mark movie. That is a big if though.

What is your favourite Super Bowl trailer. Let me know in the comments below

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