Blue Money – Author’s Notes

Blue Money - Author's NotesBlue Money was a Microcosms flash fiction tale written for the 39th week of the competition. As with most weeks of Microcosms you had to use three elements from their spinner. Blue Money’s elements was:

  1. Blue’s Singer
  2. Attribute – Giant
  3. Genre – Crime

There will always be stories you really like whether they deserve it or not and Blue Money is certainly a story I like. Let’s have a look and see if it deserves that love or not.

Creating the Characters

Like all genre’s there are hundred and one different ways of writing a crime story. One of my favourite to read and, indeed write, is Hardboiled (or it’s better known cinematic cousin Film Noir). This style often results in a very particular voice to the work – often sarcastic, short and distinctive. I find this voice, mixed with the characters you’d expect to find in a Film Noir tale, brings my characters to life very quickly. I certainly don’t worry they are too bland. If anything it is the other way round and they are too stylised, however, I think that is half the fun.

The only character I find hard to write in this genre are Femme Fatales due to the word length. I simply don’t have the time to make they rounded people rather than just a beautiful woman. This is why they become mcguffins rather than characters. The same thing happened in my tale Attention. Let me know which is worse from a feminist perspective in the comments.


The other thing I achieve with Blue Money is a bit of a twist – which can be hard in so few words. I like the idea that when you think the story is going one way, it twists a different way. While it isn’t the great twist in literary history I’m still very happy with it and hopefully creates a bit of tension. 

Microcosms Judging

Despite entering late the judge of this week’s contest Carlos Orozco still left a very nice comment about Blue Money. He picked the line “Each possible answer is cleaner than the last” as one of his lines of the week saying about it

I like how the answers are described. Cleaner answers. Don’t mind if I steal this, do you?

You can read what Carlos thought of the rest of this week’s entry here.

Let me know whether you think Blue Money is as good as I think it is. Tell me in the comments below

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