Blue Money – Author’s Notes

Blue Money - Author's NotesBlue Money was a Microcosms flash fiction tale written for the 39th week of the competition. As with most weeks of Microcosms you had to use three elements from their spinner. Blue Money’s elements was:

  1. Blue’s Singer
  2. Attribute – Giant
  3. Genre – Crime

There will always be stories you really like whether they deserve it or not and Blue Money is certainly a story I like. Let’s have a look and see if it deserves that love or not.

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Good Bits in Bad Stories 1

Those who follow my twitter account will know that I take part in the weekly hashtag game #1lineWed where writers share lines from their stories based around an optional theme picked by @RWAKissofDeath. On 5th October the theme was Over and I played along as usual with sixteen entries. Mixed in among these tweets were these two from my story Peppermint:

Rightly or wrongly I’ve never been a huge fan of my story Peppermint for the reasons I detail in my Author’s Notes article about the tale. Below the break you’ll see how these two tweets helped me re-evaluated my thoughts on the story.

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Dancing in the Dark – Author’s Notes

dancing in the darkFor its 38th week Microcosms went a little bit different (and a little bit Bruce Springsteen) by reducing the number of elements down to two. Out went character and setting to be replaced by the titles of Bruce Springsteen songs which were to be the title of our flash fiction. I didn’t quite manage a flash fiction length story submitting only 58 words which you can read below the break

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Peppermint – Author’s Notes

Peppermint - Author's NotesPeppermint is the second ever story I submitted to Cracked Flash Fiction. As I said when I published the story to this website, it was a hell of an opening line that week. The line in question?

“I can do it, but I’ll need a jackhammer and all the peppermint you got.”

Do I think my story lives up to that opening line? Well you’ll find out below the line

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The Kaufman Procedure – Your Thoughts

The Kaufman Procedure - Your ThoughtsToday I want to try something different on my website. Last Friday I entered Microcosms 36 with my story The Kaufman Procedure. While I was happy with the tale, I submitted I still think it could be better and that is where you come in. Below the break I’ll put up some questions about the story and I would like you – yes you the person reading this blog post – to put your comments in the comment box below. These responses can be as simple as your gut reactions or just telling me bits of the story that doesn’t work for you even if you can’t explain how.

My plan is to re-draft the story so I can submit it to the website England’s Future History to be published. As a thank you to everyone who provides feedback, I’ll select one commenter at random and put them into the story.  I will make the draw on the evening of 21st September so you must comment by 5pm GMT that day.

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Progress – Author’s Notes

Progress - Author's NotesWhen I published my story Progress I said it was very timely due to the real life story that inspired the story. That means there will be a lot of politics in this post and hopefully not too much ranting! However, we’ll start with the prompt that came from Flash! Fiction itself.

The Novel Prompt

In the later half of 2015 Flash! Friday used novels as the inspiration of their competition. On the 2nd of October they actually used the famous ‘Scottish’ play Macbeth by William Shakespeare. From that story of ambition I took the plot elements of conflict and an overly ambitious wife – one of the most famous things about the play. Below the break you’ll find all the politics I promised at the start of this post.

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Checkmate – Author’s Notes

chess-345904_960_720This week’s Microcosms took inspiration for their prompt elements from the 1997 movie Titanic – with a few odd prompts thrown in for good measure. I used the three elements they’d got on their first spin which were

character: millionaire,
setting: England,
genre: steam punk

Using these three I came up with my tale Checkmate. As you’ve probably already guessed chess does play a part. You’ll be able to read the story below, along with my thoughts about how I wrote the story.

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Humanity vs Survival – Author’s Notes

Humanity vs Survival - Author's Notes

Naufragos/Shipwrecked. CC2.0 photo by Luis Marina

I’m still catching up with posting my old entries to Flash! Friday so here is my entry from October 2015. That week’s competition was inspired by the novel Moby Dick. Using the elements of conflict between a woman and a man along with the character of a captain with a wooden leg, I came up with my flash fiction tale of Humanity vs Survival. You’ll be able to read all 122 words below the break

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Preparing Tomorrow’s Meat – Author’s Notes

This week Microcosms went all cockney thanks to Steph Ellis meaning that their usual character prompt was replaced by a cockney phrase. This certainly presented an unusual challenge however, one I rose to as you can see below

I was more successful – as far as Microcosms were concerned – with my second set of prompts creating a story that was within the word limit. Using the phrase China Plate, the setting of London – very suitable really – and the genre of horror I came up with my tale Preparing Tomorrow’s Meat. I hope you enjoy!

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The Big Bad Wolf – Author’s Notes

The Big Bad Wolf - Author's NotesAs I said I entered this week’s Cracked Flash Fiction weekly competition this week with my tale The Big Bad Wolf – a crime drama version of The Three Little Pigs/Little Red Riding Hood.

Below you’ll find out how the story developed first into a crime drama and then into an alternative take on the two fairy tales I mentioned above as well as finding out what the judges thought, if anything, about The Big Bad Wolf.

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