The New World – Author’s Notes

The New World - Author's NotesLast Friday I entered Microcosms for the fourth time with my tale The New World. For the first time I used the three prompt words they got from the spinner. They were:

  • Character: fairy
  • Setting: ocean
  • Genre: mystery

With these three words I created this:

The New World

The New World

You’ll be able to find out more about my story and how I got on below the break!

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Honeytrap Apples – Author’s Notes

Honeytrap ApplesI entered my third Microcosms tale of flash fiction last week with my 108 word tale Honeytrap Apples. As always with Microcosms I had to use the three prompt to craft my story and as usual I got mine from their spinner as their suggested were quite hard – their words not mine! The three I got were:

  • Character: Gardener
  • Setting: Orchard
  • Genre: Horror

Using the prompts above I came up with this:

Honeytrap Apples

Honeytrap Apples - Author's Notes

Find out how my story got on, and what my favourite part of the tale is below the break!

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Anywhere Else – Author’s Notes

Anywhere Else - Author's NotesLast Friday I entered Microcosms 9 with my flash fiction tale Anywhere Else. Thanks to the Microcosms spinner the three-story elements I had to work with were

  • Character – Servant Girl
  • Setting – Castle
  • Genre – Steampunk
  • Of course these three elements point to an alternative version of the Cinderella story with brass chimney. You can see the story below and find how I did after the break.

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Dungeons of the Mind – Author’s Notes

As you will know if you have read my flash fiction story Dungeons of the Mind – that I published on this blog on Sunday – it did not as the easier birth into the world. Having binned the first draft after miss reading the prompt that Cracked Flash Fiction provided, find out what inspired the new version of my story below the break.

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Too Many Superheroes – Author’s Notes

Too Many Superheroes - Author's NotesIn what is rapidly becoming a Saturday tradition I entered the Cracked Flash Fiction Competition. This week my entry was a tale called Too Many Superheroes inspired by the prompt

I thought that we were special

The moment I read that prompt I started to think of superheroes, men and women who have special powers, yet if you know anything about their natural home of comic books you know there are thousands of superheroes. For example, take this A-Z list of DC Comics characters from Wikipedia there are over 100 names and this doesn’t include everyone by a long way.

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Celebrity House – Author’s Notes

Celebrity HouseI’ve been meaning to enter Microcosms ever since it started at the beginning of the year. However, for a number of reasons I never quite managed it but then on Friday I managed to produce something within the time limit. The contest works by providing you three story elements of character, setting and genre. However, if you don’t like the three suggested that week you can use the Microcosms spinner and see what three elements chance throws you. This week chance threw me

  • Character: Reality TV Star
  • Setting: Burning Building
  • Genre: Drama

Using my 100 words (plus or minus ten) I wrote my following story Celebrity House which you’ll find below the break

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Another – Author’s Notes

This is a difficult post to write due to a number of reasons but the main one being what happens in the story I’m talking about tonight. Another – which can be read below the break was written on Friday 13th November as my entry into volume 3-49 of Flash! Friday’s weekly flash competition.

After I’d finished the tale, I logged onto Twitter to prepare my usual tweet that goes along with my entry, when I discovered what was happening in Paris that evening. As I re-read my story, the more my happiness with my story disappeared. I know it is a good story but yet, when compared to the real world of that night, it just feels unimportant. If you wish to read it you’ll find it below the break

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Campfire Stories – Author’s Notes

Campfire Stories - Author's NotesIn many ways Campfire Stories, my first entry into the Cracked Flash Fiction Competition, wasn’t a great success despite it coming first runner-up and I’m not just took talking about my rule breaking.

Why It Didn’t Work

The story suffers from one of my usual flash fiction problems is that my story is too big for my word limit. As Mariah Burkett pointed out in her feedback

“Mainly what I felt was lacking: emotion. It (the story) feels disconnected from the characters”

Beyond Toby and Sandra no other character was named or had any personality. In fact the reader has no idea how many folk are listening to Sandra or whether they are even human to be honest.

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Red For Oscar – Author’s Notes

Red For Oscar - Author's NotesRule one of entering any kind of writing competition is follow the rules. I failed in this when I entered my first story Campfire Stories into the Cracked Flash Fiction Competition. The following week I followed all the rules and guess what I won with my tale Red for Oscar. Below the break you’ll find out what inspired the story.

Before we get to that a quick reminder that prompt was

How many times do I have to be shot before you are happy?

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Answers on A Postcard

Answers on A PostcardToday I finally sent off my entries to the Answers on A Postcard competition, part of the Nairn Book & Arts Festival. The idea behind challenge is to write a story or some poetry on the back of a postcard. As I enjoy a bit of flash fiction so I thought I’d give it a try.

In the end I submitted two entries to the competition. Below the break you’ll find out what these are!

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