TV Jam Gets A New Name & Future TV Reviews

Culture Jam Logo - TV ReviewsFor those who have checked out my What I Have Written page recently will have noticed two things recently:

  1. I’ve done a lot of TV reviews for TV Jam on a wide range of programmes, and
  2. The links for these reviews no longer work

Dealing with point two first, this is because TV Jam has recently changed its name to Culture Jam so it can now review a wider range of cultural things, from music to comedy via books and of course TV. As you will have already seen from this very website I will be posting more than TV Reviews with them shortly. Once the gremlins have been chased out of the new site I’ll fix the links so you can read all my reviews again.

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Hello World!

Welcome to The World of The Red Fleece!

The blog is written by Stephen Shirres and so is filled with his random thoughts and ideas about the cultural world. When I’m not wondering about stuff, I write TV reviews for the website Culture Jam, short stories and I am presently the chair of West Lothian Writers.

My blog posts will fit into seven categories:

  • Another Serving of TV Jam – These are posts are designed to follow on from my posts in TV Jam.
  • Ghosts of Blogs Past – this isn’t my first blog and so I’ve rescued some of my better articles from previous attempts. They will be edited before being republished.
  • Going To The Movies – my thoughts and opinions on all things film, from the latest blockbusters to 1930s horror movies and beyond.
  • News – like this very post, this category will be used for any news in my lift such as articles being posted else where.
  • Telly Talk – want to know my thoughts on TV check out this category. Warning, there will be a lot of Doctor Who!
  • Trailer Talk – my thoughts on TV and Movie Trailers both old and new.
  • What I’ve Read – the book stream that will be updated whenever I finish reading something that is worth blogging about – so not often!

These categories will probably be added to over the years as this blog, hopefully, takes off and becomes big. For now I hope you enjoy your time here!