2013 Movie and TV Reviews

Here you will find all my 2013 Movie and TV reviews. To read the reviews please click on either the name of the show or the picture on the left. Also during 2013 I did weekly reviews for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Doctor Who and Homeland which can all be found on their own special papers due to the high number of reviews. Please let me know what you think below!

Movie Reviews

2012 Movie and TV ReviewsMonster’s University
Disney Pixar
Watching Monsters University is like going to a university reunion many decades after you graduated. 



2013 Movie and TV Reviews

Sunshine on Leith
Black Camel Pictures
Jukebox musicals have been around for decades, but they’ve reclaimed the cinema with gay abandon ever since Mamma Mia booted the genre back into the spotlight back in 2008.



2103 Movie and TV ReviewsThor: The Dark World
Marvel Studios
Rumour has it that when Kenneth Branagh was hired to directed the first Thor film, he approached it like a Shakespearean play. But with more hammers.



2013 Movie and TV ReviewsThe World’s End
Universal Pictures
Until 2004 the combination of blood and ice only ever appealed to a vampire at a cocktail bar. 



TV Reviews

2013 Movie and TV ReviewsBig Fat Quiz of the Year 2013
Channel 4
Ah, the end of the year. Just as the Queen polishes her gongs to hand out to whoever the government tells her to, Channel 4 dusts off Jimmy Carr and places him in front of six panellists to review the year that’s just passed.



2013 Movie and TV ReviewsBurton and Taylor
Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor were the Brangelina of their day, but with one key difference. Instead of adopting children from developing countries, they adopted alcohol from shops and then drank it.



2013 Movie and TV ReviewsThe Fall
The Fall is dark. Very dark.
You might think black is dark,  but that is nothing to The Fall.




2013 Movie and TV ReviewsForgot The Oscars, Here Are The Kermodes: A Culture Show Special
As you may have noticed, it’s awards season. Everywhere you look someone is bursting into tears and thanking their mother, while in the background Brad Pitt is trying to keep a straight face after being beaten to the best actor award by Keith Lemon.


2013 Movie and TV ReviewsFunny Women: A Culture Show Special
You might have noticed that there’s a cultural festival going on in Edinburgh at the moment. As the sun shines, Edinburgh becomes engorged with University theatre groups in wacky clothing, interpretive dances about the meaning of pencils and hundreds and hundreds of stand-up comedians…more than even Dave (the TV channel not some random bloke on the street) could handle.

2013 Movie and TV ReviewsGoing Undergroud: A Culture Show Special
What is the first thing that comes into your head when you think of London? Is it rude pedestrians that would shove their granny in front of a taxi if it meant getting to their destination five seconds earlier? Is it the fictional, non-rainy paradises of Richard Curtis moves?

2013 Movie and TV ReviewsJust Dandy
At some point or another during their childhood, nearly everyone experiences the feeling of being dragged around a really boring tourist attraction by an over excited relative.



2013 Movie and TV ReviewsThe Lady Vanishes
The Lady Vanishes is a) very enjoyable, b) a remake of the seminal 1938 Hitchcock thriller of the same name and c) a Daily Mail readers’ wet dream.



p3KqaqATop Gear: Africa Special
There’s something about Top Gear and Africa. They seem to fit together very well. Like Jeremy Clarkson and the phrase ‘he is bloody annoying isn’t he?’

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