Writing News – Submissions, Rejections & Performing

Writing News - Submissions, Rejections & PerformingIn an attempt to keep this blog vaguely up to date and with more a focus on my writing I thought I should talk about what I’ve been up to and what is coming up. Let’s start with up coming performance bookings.


I’ve got a couple of readings coming up over the next few months. First on the 7th of February I’ll be reading at Woo’er with Words XI at Coffee on Woo’er. As it is February the theme is love so I’m planning on reading a new piece that I’m presently working on called My Missing Rock but if I don’t get it finished in time I’ll fall back on the old favourites A Mother’s Love and Drawn Memories.

Then in March I’ll be at West Lothian Write as usual. No idea what I’m going to read yet. At the last one i said I would read Remembering the Sand but I’m not sure anymore.

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Forest of Cloth – Author’s Notes

Forest of Cloth - Author's NotesI’ve been meaning to write this post for a while but life keeps getting in the way. Way back in July 2014 I had my story Forest of Cloth published in [untitled] IV. The story was the first story I wrote when I returned to West Lothian Writers (WLW) in January 2009.

Below you will find my thoughts and ideas behind the story and how it all came about. Of course this means there will be spoilers from this point on! You have been warned!

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Absorbing Art – Author’s Note

On Sunday the 2nd of November I submitted my story Absorbing Art into 99 Fiction’s Horror Flash 500 Competition. If you haven’t already please head over to 99 Fiction and read my story. It would be even better if you could like it as it’ll give me a better chance at winning!

Be warned, there will be spoilers for Absorbing Art below the break!

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