The 13th Doctor – A Hot Take

Tonight the BBC finally announced the actor who would play the 13th Doctor, taking over the role from Peter Capaldi at Christmas. For those avoiding spoilers (good luck!) I won’t say who it is until after the break. For those who want to find out – or just want to enjoy the moment again – here is the BBC‘s intro video!

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More Than Friends?

Gay Subtext in Sherlock

Sherlock, the BBC‘s updating of Sherlock Holmes, is often called

the gayest show on television.

The reason for this is the incredible strong, emotional relationship between its two central characters Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson, played by Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman respectively. Not since Sam carried Frodo up Mount Doom as a male relationship with so much love been put on screen.

Sadly in the world we now live in men aren’t allowed to be just friends anymore and sex must be involved. When you combine this with another one of the world’s ills – the Youtube tribute video – a strange cultural phenomena occurs. Did you know you get 144,000 results if you type “Sherlock John Love” into Youtube?

Why do I mention this?  Well South Korean TV channel OCN seem to have taken inspiration from these tribute videos and create these adverts for the series: Continue reading

TV Jam Gets A New Name & Future TV Reviews

Culture Jam Logo - TV ReviewsFor those who have checked out my What I Have Written page recently will have noticed two things recently:

  1. I’ve done a lot of TV reviews for TV Jam on a wide range of programmes, and
  2. The links for these reviews no longer work

Dealing with point two first, this is because TV Jam has recently changed its name to Culture Jam so it can now review a wider range of cultural things, from music to comedy via books and of course TV. As you will have already seen from this very website I will be posting more than TV Reviews with them shortly. Once the gremlins have been chased out of the new site I’ll fix the links so you can read all my reviews again.

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