Beware A Travelling Salesman In Expensive Clothes

For the first time in a while I entered Cracked Flash Fiction with my tale Beware A Travelling Salesman’s in Expensive Clothes. You can either click on the link and read it on the Cracked website or click below. Either way I hope you hope my cautionary tale about Travelling Salesmen!

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Good Bits in Bad Stories 1

Those who follow my twitter account will know that I take part in the weekly hashtag game #1lineWed where writers share lines from their stories based around an optional theme picked by @RWAKissofDeath. On 5th October the theme was Over and I played along as usual with sixteen entries. Mixed in among these tweets were these two from my story Peppermint:

Rightly or wrongly I’ve never been a huge fan of my story Peppermint for the reasons I detail in my Author’s Notes article about the tale. Below the break you’ll see how these two tweets helped me re-evaluated my thoughts on the story.

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Remember and Be Damned

Remember and Be DamnedAfter far too long I returned to Cracked Flash Fiction with my Napoleonic fantasy tale Remember and Be Damned. As usual Cracked Flash Fiction provided an opening line you had to follow on from and this week it was:

I found sanctuary with the witches.

Below the break you’ll find Remember and Be Damned so you can see what I made of the prompt. Enjoy!

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Peppermint – Author’s Notes

Peppermint - Author's NotesPeppermint is the second ever story I submitted to Cracked Flash Fiction. As I said when I published the story to this website, it was a hell of an opening line that week. The line in question?

“I can do it, but I’ll need a jackhammer and all the peppermint you got.”

Do I think my story lives up to that opening line? Well you’ll find out below the line

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Chief Witness

Chief WitnessThanks to work and life in general I don’t have time to enter Cracked Flash Fiction at the moment. However, the other week on my way home from a great day seeing friends I saw their prompt

That was the dumbest assassin she’d ever seen

and words started flowing resulting in my tale Chief Witness and a late night. The former of which can be found below the break.

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The Big Bad Wolf – Author’s Notes

The Big Bad Wolf - Author's NotesAs I said I entered this week’s Cracked Flash Fiction weekly competition this week with my tale The Big Bad Wolf – a crime drama version of The Three Little Pigs/Little Red Riding Hood.

Below you’ll find out how the story developed first into a crime drama and then into an alternative take on the two fairy tales I mentioned above as well as finding out what the judges thought, if anything, about The Big Bad Wolf.

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The Big Bad Wolf

The Big Bad WolfFor the first time in a while I entered Cracked Flash Fiction weekly contest with my story The Big Bad Wolf. Like every week the opening line prompt was the line:

This is incredibly disturbing to me.

As you’ll notice below the break I did change the prompt a little bit but Cracked Flash Fiction were quite happy with the change. You can find out more about that and other information about the story in my Author’s Notes post coming later this week.

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Dungeons of the Mind – Author’s Notes

As you will know if you have read my flash fiction story Dungeons of the Mind – that I published on this blog on Sunday – it did not as the easier birth into the world. Having binned the first draft after miss reading the prompt that Cracked Flash Fiction provided, find out what inspired the new version of my story below the break.

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Too Many Superheroes – Author’s Notes

Too Many Superheroes - Author's NotesIn what is rapidly becoming a Saturday tradition I entered the Cracked Flash Fiction Competition. This week my entry was a tale called Too Many Superheroes inspired by the prompt

I thought that we were special

The moment I read that prompt I started to think of superheroes, men and women who have special powers, yet if you know anything about their natural home of comic books you know there are thousands of superheroes. For example, take this A-Z list of DC Comics characters from Wikipedia there are over 100 names and this doesn’t include everyone by a long way.

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