Circus of the Wave – Author’s Notes

Circus of the Wave - Author's NotesMy run of short stories being published came to a close last month with my story Circus of the Wave being published in Anti-Zine. You can read the story now by buying  a copy of the magazine on their website.

Below the break you can find my Author’s Notes about the story including where I got the idea from, the changes the story under went between drafts etc.

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Black and White Night – Author’s Notes

Black and White Night - Author's Notes

Front cover of Issue 3 of [Untitled]

I am quite surprised I am writing this Author’s Note. Black and White Night started off as a writing experiment after being inspired by a number of different sources, however, after I came across [Untitled] magazine call for submissions on the theme of Black and White, what could be better to submit. Luckily [Untitled] accepted my story and it can now be found in issue three of the magazine.

Below the break you’ll find out what the two stories and the one place in Edinburgh that inspired my story are.

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