Dancing the Night Away

Microcosms added an extra – and in my opinion quite brilliant – element to Microcosms 72. The usual three elements were based around Greek mythology so asked us to create a new “myth” on the following topics:

  • Good
  • Evil
  • Our origins
  • Life
  • Death
  • The afterlife
  • The underworld

My story Dancing the Night Away is a 275 word noir/mystery tale of a Musician in a Cave written to the soundtrack of Irish Folk. While it doesn’t explain death it gives an idea of what the journey might be. You can read the story below.

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Kids Playing at Being Men

Kids Playing at Being MenAnother Microcosms entry, another crime tale! This time using the additional elements of businessman and car I came up with my tale Kids Playing at Being Men for Microcosms 61. Not one of my greatest tales – and probably not one of my greatest stories either but still worth a read. You’ll find it below so let me know what you think of it in the comments.

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Beware A Travelling Salesman In Expensive Clothes

For the first time in a while I entered Cracked Flash Fiction with my tale Beware A Travelling Salesman’s in Expensive Clothes. You can either click on the link and read it on the Cracked website or click below. Either way I hope you hope my cautionary tale about Travelling Salesmen!

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A Meal Fit For A God

A Meal Fit For A GodAfter too long of a break I got back into entering Microcosms last week. With contest 58 being hosted by me how could I not? Using the elements of sarcastic butler, skyscraper and memoir I came up with my tale A Meal Fit For A God. You can read the story below the break and let me know what you think of it in the comments!
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Holistic Advanced Logarithm

Holistic Advanced LogarithmThe last Microcosms of 2016 took place on Friday 16th December. The week’s elements were all inspired by the famous Hindi action spy thriller 16 December (no I hadn’t heard of it either). However, using the elements of Terrorists, Satellites and Sci-Fi I came up with my story Holistic Advanced Logarithm inspired by a slightly more famous movie. You can guess which one by reading the tale below the break
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The Fisherwoman

The Fisherwoman

Photograph by Adam Bruderer used under Creative Commons Licence 4.0

Last Friday’s Microcosms was inspired by the works of Agatha Christie. I avoided the butler in the drawing room but instead ended up with a Spiv in the Theatre for my first ever attempt – at an admittedly fake – memoir. Give The Fisherwoman below a read and let me know how successful I was!

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Android Tarantula

Android TarantulaThis week’s Microcosms was hosted by me after I suggested looking through the lyrics of Science Fiction/Double Feature – the opening song to The Rocky Horror Picture Show – for elements to inspire some flash. I ended up with Tarantulas and Androids Fighting along with the returning Steampunk genre. Together they came together to inspire Android Tarantula. I hope you enjoy!

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