Writing News – Submissions, Rejections & Performing

Writing News - Submissions, Rejections & PerformingIn an attempt to keep this blog vaguely up to date and with more a focus on my writing I thought I should talk about what I’ve been up to and what is coming up. Let’s start with up coming performance bookings.


I’ve got a couple of readings coming up over the next few months. First on the 7th of February I’ll be reading at Woo’er with Words XI at Coffee on Woo’er. As it is February the theme is love so I’m planning on reading a new piece that I’m presently working on called My Missing Rock but if I don’t get it finished in time I’ll fall back on the old favourites A Mother’s Love and Drawn Memories.

Then in March I’ll be at West Lothian Write as usual. No idea what I’m going to read yet. At the last one i said I would read Remembering the Sand but I’m not sure anymore.

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Departures – Author’s Notes

50 Word Story Airport

July’s 50 Word Fiction Prompt

The late, great Iain (M) Banks once said

only a short story can be truly perfect

Sadly my entry into July’s Scottish Book Trust’s 50 Word Fiction Competition was not and so didn’t really have a chance of winning. However, I’m getting ahead of myself here. The Scottish Book Trust’s prompt last month was “stories set in an airport” along with the picture on the right. The yellow sign suggested an obvious theme to follow when writing my story Departures which can be seen below the cut.

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Fogged – Author’s Notes

After the response I got to my story A Mother’s Love? I thought I would share another one of my pieces. Fogged is a different kind of short story because it is only 49 words long:


The two women sat opposite each other, hidden from the street by a fogged window. One does all the talking, husband, children. She says nothing important, nothing that will help the other form the words she has been trying to say since they met. “I think I love you.”

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