Ten Books That Changed My Life

Ten Books That Changed My Life

This post originally started out on Facebook when I was tagged in a similar post by my friend Dana and asked to name the 10 books that changed my life. As I created my list and kept finding I was giving longer and longer reasons so the list got copied here and will be found below the break.

Before I start the list I feel I should define what I mean by Books That Changed My Life. For me, the books listed below have had the same effect as a gateway drug opening up new authors, style of writing or genres to me. Many books on this list won’t be a surprise to anyone who looks at this list on a regular basis.

Finally, the list is roughly in time order from my childhood, however, as I didn’t note down exactly when I first read them please excuse any mistakes. The ten books are:

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Truth – Author’s Notes

My short story Truth was published on the Spontaneity website a wee while ago however due to a lack of internet on my end I haven’t been able to write my Author’s Notes post about it until now.

I love the idea behind the online magazine Spontaneity and like all great ideas it is very simple. Basically very piece that is submitted has to have been inspired by a piece that the magazine has already published. To see the piece that inspire my story Truth and to find out more about the tale you’ll have to click below.

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Does It Matter?

Classic authors and read their books

Charles Dickens

Yesterday the Independent reported that only 31% of people in Britain know that Charles Dickens wrote Great Expectations. They also reported that only one in six people knew that William Shakespeare wrote Hamlet and over 500 of the 2000 people surveyed hadn’t ready any of these books:

All these finding came from a survey carried out by Opinium Research. However, while some may go running to the hills decrying how our nation is collapsing into stupidly, I say does it really matter?

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This post was originally published on my Blogger Account on the 4th of January 2010. This post has been edited before it was published today.

Avatar and 3D MoviesThe film of 2009 will be Avatar. It isn’t the best movie of the year but will probably be the biggest. It is already the second highest grossing movie after Cameron’s own Titanic . Over the last 12 months James Cameron – the director of Avatar – has been building the film up as a game changer. The Jazz Singer of 3D cinema.

For those who don’t know the Jazz Singer was the fist talkie (non-silent film) and showed Hollywood that movies with sound were the way to go. Cameron claimed Avatar would do the same for 3D. It doesn’t. In fact it only highlights the problems with 3D. Cameron has created a beautiful looking film that is dulled by the 30% colour loss that the 3D effect brings. It was often more enjoyable watching the film with the glass off, even though the image was out of focus. When the glasses were I often forgot the movie was in 3D.

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Departures – Author’s Notes

50 Word Story Airport

July’s 50 Word Fiction Prompt

The late, great Iain (M) Banks once said

only a short story can be truly perfect

Sadly my entry into July’s Scottish Book Trust’s 50 Word Fiction Competition was not and so didn’t really have a chance of winning. However, I’m getting ahead of myself here. The Scottish Book Trust’s prompt last month was “stories set in an airport” along with the picture on the right. The yellow sign suggested an obvious theme to follow when writing my story Departures which can be seen below the cut.

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