The Kaufman Procedure – Your Thoughts

The Kaufman Procedure - Your ThoughtsToday I want to try something different on my website. Last Friday I entered Microcosms 36 with my story The Kaufman Procedure. While I was happy with the tale, I submitted I still think it could be better and that is where you come in. Below the break I’ll put up some questions about the story and I would like you – yes you the person reading this blog post – to put your comments in the comment box below. These responses can be as simple as your gut reactions or just telling me bits of the story that doesn’t work for you even if you can’t explain how.

My plan is to re-draft the story so I can submit it to the website England’s Future History to be published. As a thank you to everyone who provides feedback, I’ll select one commenter at random and put them into the story.  I will make the draw on the evening of 21st September so you must comment by 5pm GMT that day.

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