Dear John

Dear JohnAfter receiving an Honourable Mention for my story The Journal of the Empire’s Most Beloved and Extraordinary Explorer Reginald P. Smythe last week, I went one better this week and actually won Microcosms 159 with my story Dear John!

My winning flash fiction tale was called Dear John and inspired by the three elements of Athlete, Train and Romance. You can see what judge  Geoff Le Pard, had to say below:

It had to be romance this week, not sure why. This was the piece I had to go back to. There’s such a lot in it: the comparisons between the snow and the untouched page in the note book; the rhythm of the train and of the words that poured out; the juxtaposition between the Dear John on one side and the arguments on the other. Lovely…

You can find out if you agree with Geoff by checking out my story below the break.

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The Journal of the Empire’s Most Beloved and Extraordinary Explorer Reginald P. Smythe

The Journal of the Empire’s Most Beloved and Extraordinary Explorer Reginald P. SmytheEvents that first happened on the 18th of January inspired the 158th Microcosms by events: whether it was an x-ray generating machine first being exhibited in 1896 or the first time an aircraft landing on a ship in 1911.

The three elements I used for my 263 word tale, The Journal of the Empire’s Most Beloved and Extraordinary Explorer Reginald P. Smythe, were Explorer, Island and Journal. The story went down well with this week’s judge Sian Brighal who said,

The title is perfect, and if titles could smile fondly at their story and its main character, then this one most certainly does. The writing style was a joy to read, the tone and language pitched perfectly.

You find out if you agree with them being clicking below

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Space Rush

To celebrate the 100th Microcosms we went back to the old format and were asked to submit stories that were only a 100 words long. They also went back to the first ever Microcosms to get the elements – which seems a very long time ago now. My contribute to this celebration is my 100 word tale Space Rush. Using the elements of Rebekah, Spaceships and Western, you’ll find my story below. Enjoy!

Microcosms 100

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Dancing the Night Away

Microcosms added an extra – and in my opinion quite brilliant – element to Microcosms 72. The usual three elements were based around Greek mythology so asked us to create a new “myth” on the following topics:

  • Good
  • Evil
  • Our origins
  • Life
  • Death
  • The afterlife
  • The underworld

My story Dancing the Night Away is a 275 word noir/mystery tale of a Musician in a Cave written to the soundtrack of Irish Folk. While it doesn’t explain death it gives an idea of what the journey might be. You can read the story below.

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Kids Playing at Being Men

Kids Playing at Being MenAnother Microcosms entry, another crime tale! This time using the additional elements of businessman and car I came up with my tale Kids Playing at Being Men for Microcosms 61. Not one of my greatest tales – and probably not one of my greatest stories either but still worth a read. You’ll find it below so let me know what you think of it in the comments.

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Dust of War

Dust of WarMy Microcosms 65 entry shares the same genre as the last story I posted Little Black Book. This time instead of a noir themed tale I went for a twisted love story set in World War One. The two other elements I had to work with was field hospital and artist. I hope you enjoy the story you’ll find below the break.

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