A Meal Fit For A God

A Meal Fit For A GodAfter too long of a break I got back into entering Microcosms last week. With contest 58 being hosted by me how could I not? Using the elements of sarcastic butler, skyscraper and memoir I came up with my tale A Meal Fit For A God. You can read the story below the break and let me know what you think of it in the comments!
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Holistic Advanced Logarithm

Holistic Advanced LogarithmThe last Microcosms of 2016 took place on Friday 16th December. The week’s elements were all inspired by the famous Hindi action spy thriller 16 December (no I hadn’t heard of it either). However, using the elements of Terrorists, Satellites and Sci-Fi I came up with my story Holistic Advanced Logarithm inspired by a slightly more famous movie. You can guess which one by reading the tale below the break
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Android Tarantula

Android TarantulaThis week’s Microcosms was hosted by me after I suggested looking through the lyrics of Science Fiction/Double Feature – the opening song to The Rocky Horror Picture Show – for elements to inspire some flash. I ended up with Tarantulas and Androids Fighting along with the returning Steampunk genre. Together they came together to inspire Android Tarantula. I hope you enjoy!

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Blue Money – Author’s Notes

Blue Money - Author's NotesBlue Money was a Microcosms flash fiction tale written for the 39th week of the competition. As with most weeks of Microcosms you had to use three elements from their spinner. Blue Money’s elements was:

  1. Blue’s Singer
  2. Attribute – Giant
  3. Genre – Crime

There will always be stories you really like whether they deserve it or not and Blue Money is certainly a story I like. Let’s have a look and see if it deserves that love or not.

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Dancing in the Dark – Author’s Notes

dancing in the darkFor its 38th week Microcosms went a little bit different (and a little bit Bruce Springsteen) by reducing the number of elements down to two. Out went character and setting to be replaced by the titles of Bruce Springsteen songs which were to be the title of our flash fiction. I didn’t quite manage a flash fiction length story submitting only 58 words which you can read below the break

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Blue Money

Blue MoneyFor a number of reasons I haven’t been writing as much flash fiction as I’d like to at the moment. Even when I go get inspired by a prompt – as I did for Microcosms 39 – I still enter too late to be included in the competitive part. However, as I still really like my tale Blue Money you can check it out below.

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Squelch Pop

Squelch PopMicrocosms went full festival for Microcosms 35 a couple of weeks ago. Being someone who has worked at more festivals than attended – yeah I know I’m boring – I went down a bit of stereotype by focusing on the mud. Together with the three prompts Festival Virgin, Field and Horror I wrote Squelch Pop that you’ll find below.

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The Kaufman Procedure

Park Bench

Microcosms 36 was inspired by idea from Robert Sheckley’s book Mindswap that

If you stay in one place long enough, you’ll see everyone you’ve ever known

From this simple idea I wrote my short tale The Kaufman Procedure from the three prompts of Street Vendor, Park Bench and Science Fiction. Let me know what you think of the tale below.

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The Actor and the Bellboy

For the first time in far too long I entered the Microcosms weekly flash fiction contest with my story The Actor and the Bellboy. The theme this week was disasters and I got lift from the great spinner along with the character of an actor and the theme of Steampunk. The three go together to create The Actor and the Bellboy that you’ll find below the break. I hope you enjoy.

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