Android Tarantula

Android TarantulaThis week’s Microcosms was hosted by me after I suggested looking through the lyrics of Science Fiction/Double Feature¬†– the opening song to The Rocky Horror Picture Show – for elements to inspire some flash. I ended up with Tarantulas and Androids Fighting along with the returning Steampunk genre. Together they came together to inspire Android Tarantula. I hope you enjoy!

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The Actor and the Bellboy

For the first time in far too long I entered the Microcosms weekly flash fiction contest with my story The Actor and the Bellboy. The theme this week was disasters and I got lift from the great spinner along with the character of an actor and the theme of Steampunk. The three go together to create The Actor and the Bellboy that you’ll find below the break. I hope you enjoy.

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Checkmate – Author’s Notes

chess-345904_960_720This week’s Microcosms took inspiration for their prompt elements from the 1997 movie Titanic – with a few odd prompts thrown in for good measure. I used the three elements they’d got on their first spin which were

character: millionaire,
setting: England,
genre: steam punk

Using these three I came up with my tale Checkmate. As you’ve probably already guessed chess does play a part. You’ll be able to read the story below, along with my thoughts about how I wrote the story.

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Anywhere Else – Author’s Notes

Anywhere Else - Author's NotesLast Friday I entered Microcosms 9 with my flash fiction tale Anywhere Else. Thanks to the Microcosms spinner the three-story elements I had to work with were

  • Character – Servant Girl
  • Setting – Castle
  • Genre – Steampunk
  • Of course these three elements point to an alternative version of the Cinderella story with brass chimney. You can see the story below and find how I did after the break.

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