Sunshine on Leith Review

Sunshine on Leith Review

Has with all aspects of life, my time with Culture Jam has come to an end, not for any bad reasons, just life. Of all the reviews I wrote for Culture Jam my favourite review was for Sunshine on Leith, the cinematic version of the Proclaimers‘ musical. What makes the review so special to me is that it was a challenge to write as I decided I’d work the name of every song in the film into the review. You can find out after the break whether I managed it or not, and how much damage I did to the English language in the process!

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Sunshine on Leith Review

Sunshine on Leith Review

Sometimes you agree to stuff without really thinking about it. Recently I did quite such a thing when I announced to the other Culture Jam writers on Facebook:

Can I review Sunshine on Leith the movie when it comes out in a couple of weeks? I have this stupid idea of trying to fit as many of the song titles into the review as possible!

Of course I hadn’t looked at the song titles before saying this. I’d seen the show in Belfast a few years ago and I don’t remember there being too terrible plus my head was filled with puns about 500 miles etc. How did I get on? Check below the break!

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What I’ve Been Up To

Some of you (if anyone is still checking this page) will notice I haven’t been updating this page for a while. This has been due to other projects and the “day job” getting in the way. However, don’t worry this blog will be back up and running soon with lots of Halloween themed posts and stories, Doctor Who stuff for the anniversary in November but first let’s with a quick break down of what I’ve been up to!

What I've Been Up ToTV Reviews

Outside of work this is what I’ve been working on most. I now have two TV series blogs on Culture Jam for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Homeland. It is safe to say I’m enjoying one of them more than the other – I’ll let you read the reviews to guess which one! To help you here are my reviews so far (with more due to be posted soon)

You can also check out my thoughts on Homeland Series Two here as well!

Movie Reviews

I also reviewed a couple of movies as well. Monsters University, the unneeded prequel to Monsters Inc, is available now while my thoughts on Sunshine on Leith will be up soon. Even if you don’t care about the movie check out my attempts to crowbar in the name of every song from the musical into my review and the damage I did to the English language in the process!

Short Stories

What I've Been Up ToFinally, I’ve got three short stories due to be printed soon. Each story will get their own full Author’s Notes post when they are published.

The first is called Drawn Memories and will be printed in the magazine Far Off Places and should be due out by the end of October. You can read the parent story of Drawn Memories, Pens, on the website right now.

The second is called Black and White Night and will be published soon in the magazine [Untitled]. This tale is a bit of an experiment as the whole story is told in black and white with minimum dialogue. As the magazine has a very small circulation, the story will probably appear on the website around the turn of the year.

The third story Circus of the Wave will be published by Anti-Zine towards the end of November. Written for their circus themed issue, this story is exciting with a fantasy twisted. If you would like to come to the launch party for Anti-Zine you can find the details on either the Facebook event or on the Summerhall website.

Finally, my book of 50 Word Stories is almost finished its first draft and should be available to buy for Christmas. Hopefully a nice wee stoking filler!

Most importantly, there will be more posts soon…I promise!