Films That Will Never Happen #1 – White Jazz

Originally Published on the 23rd of February 2010 on my Blogger Account. This post has since been edited.

white jazzThe other week I finished reading White Jazz by James Ellroy. It goes without saying it was amazing – I believe Ellroy is one of the greatest living author – but it was also a little bit sad. Back in 2006 Warner Independent Pictures announced they were making a film of White Jazz. It was going to be directed by Joe Carnahan, director of Narc, Smoking Aces and the New A-Team film, with George Clooney and Chris Pine starring.

However, as of writing this movie is no longer in production. It’s stars have moved on with Chris Pine now filming Star Trek and the promise of being the next big thing in Hollywood while George Clooney has left because other films got in the way.

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