Progress – Author’s Notes

Progress - Author's NotesWhen I published my story Progress I said it was very timely due to the real life story that inspired the story. That means there will be a lot of politics in this post and hopefully not too much ranting! However, we’ll start with the prompt that came from Flash! Fiction itself.

The Novel Prompt

In the later half of 2015 Flash! Friday used novels as the inspiration of their competition. On the 2nd of October they actually used the famous ‘Scottish’ play Macbeth¬†by William Shakespeare. From that story of¬†ambition I took the plot elements of conflict and an overly ambitious wife – one of the most famous things about the play. Below the break you’ll find all the politics I promised at the start of this post.

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Does It Matter?

Classic authors and read their books

Charles Dickens

Yesterday the Independent reported that only 31% of people in Britain know that Charles Dickens wrote Great Expectations. They also reported that only one in six people knew that William Shakespeare wrote Hamlet and over 500 of the 2000 people surveyed hadn’t ready any of these books:

All these finding came from a survey carried out by Opinium Research. However, while some may go running to the hills decrying how our nation is collapsing into stupidly, I say does it really matter?

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